Art is in the Air: Art Fair Through the Eyes of a Skyscraperist

Art is in the Air: Art Fair Through the Eyes of a Skyscraperist

This weekend (February 5-8) is the international Art Rotterdam fair. Its been around for 16 years and in that time it has established quite a name for itself, especially when you are interested in young talent. One of the good bits is that it is held in the former Van Nelle Factory, which is a piece of art in itself if you’re interested in architecture.

art_14Van Nelle Factory, Rotterdam

Like yourself, I think I’m open to (modern) art, but I’m also the kind of guy who thinks spending €3.350 on something like this:

art_13Julie Cockburn (1966) / Walkabout / Hand embroidery on childs drawing

…is rather ambitious. It’s not meant to ridicule, it’s just so you know what you’re up against when you visit one of these. I usually try to find something that I am interested in, which is of course anything that reminds me of skyscrapers, cities and anything related.

In this work for example, I recognize a Mies van der Rohe skyscraper taken from the street

art_03Stef Driesen / title unknown

And to me, this is an inverse interpretation of a skyscraper canyon, with a hint of Manhattanhenge.

art_12Peter Krauskopf / OHNE TITEL, study

Here is something that reminds me of a walkthrough map of some 1990’s video game, or if you’re under 25, a full view a scene of the Monument Valley app game.

art_10artist and title unknown

Albert Speer building study? The title suggests something like that.

art_04Renato Nicolodi / Propaganda II (2014)

More architecture, gloomy picture.

art_05Paulo Ventura / Behind the Walls #7 (2011)

Windows. I like the simplicity of these, although you want these three close to each other I think. These are €1.650 each.

art_09Jurriaan Molenaar (1968) / Boedapest / 2014

Here is one I actually recognized. This is a print from the famous ‘architecture of density‘- series in Hong Kong by German photographer Michael Wolf.

art_07Michael Wolf / AOD, The Scout Shots #69 (2005)

Also by Michael Wolf is this one of roofs in Paris. While the Hong Kong one sets you back € 1.975, this one costs € 8.750. I’m guessing that’s a exclusivity issue.

art_08Michael Wolf / Paris Roof Top #6.

Onto traffic. Lots of it in this painting. I might buy it to remind myself I never stand in one of these, thank goodness.

art_15Jochen Mühlenbrink

More infrastructure, like this one entree roundabout. I’m guessing this one was found on Google Earth but a quick search didn’t produce any results. Could be photoshopped, but judging by the land prep on the right, I guess it’s a first phase of a development project in Dubai or something.


Definitely a print straight from the web. Here is to confirm this is indeed Google Maps, as Apple Maps is actually more famous for these.

art_01Clement Valla / postcard from Google earth (2013) / € 1.500

This looks like a part of a skyscraper facade. Don’t be fooled by the size by the way, this was part of a scale model project. The piece is some 20 cm tall.

art_02Mirjam Kuitenbrouwer / Gevel I (2015) / € 800

My personal favorite: a solution for those who have no view. Forgot to ask who did this one.



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