Bad Picture, Great Art

Bad Picture, Great Art

I’m sure most of us have tried to take a nightscape picture without using a tripod and ended up with a blurry photo that’s far from the image you were trying to capture.

Enter Alexandra Pacula. This Brooklyn based painter has made this experience into a theme of art. Contrary to our failed images, Pacula’s painting are an abstract portrayal which captures the vibrancy, the colors and the energy that is the big city, in this case New York City. In her own words:

My work investigates a world of visual intoxication; it captures moments of enchantment, which are associated with urban nightlife. I am fascinated by the ambiance of the city at night and its seductive qualities. The breathtaking turbulence of speeding vehicles and hasty pedestrians evoke feelings of wonder and disorientation. The vibrant lights become a magical landscape with enticing opportunities and promises of fulfillment.

Enthralling Vertigo

Shimmering Dusk 1

Electrifying Velocity

Ardent Phenomenon

Much more can be found in the portfolio on Alexandra Pacula’s Web site. Below is a video visiting Alexandra.

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