Best European Skyscrapers of 2016

Best European Skyscrapers of 2016

Ding ding and welcome to Round 2 of Best Skyscrapers of 2016. After having lined up the supertalls of 2016, we now look back and see how the old continent reached the skies in 2016.

The award to the most prolific skyscraper cities goes to London, Moscow and Istanbul, where a good number of residential skyscrapers were completed. More than distinguishing themselves through height or design, these new towers confirm the high-tier status of these cities. Not that they have no merit, but on the surface most don’t look like award winners, which is pretty much how these popularity contests get decided.

The height trophy of 2016 goes to Warsaw, as the 220-meter tall Warsaw Spire and the 192-meter tall Złota 44 were completed as the second and third tallest new buildings of Europe, with Europe’s only new supertall, the 374-meter tall Vostok Tower leading the chart.

Sole height not being of main importance allows for the selection of projects with other distinctive qualities for this contest. The second match lines up two double-tower projects in non-traditional skyscraper cities, in this case Riga and İzmir. 2016 also produced two highly anticipated cultural venues, being the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg, and the extension of the Tate Modern in London. The final matchup has a slender skyscraperette in Hamburg lined up against a Parisian project that is designed to grow into a green beacon in the city.

Members of the SkyscraperCity forums get to vote here. It’s a bit of a choice between height, usage and idea, and it’ll be interesting to see which one will represent Europe in the Grand Finale!

Warsaw Spire • Warsaw • 220 meter
Złota 44 • Warsaw • 192 meter
Ege Perla • İzmir • 186 and 130 meter
Z-tornis • Riga • 130 meter
Elbphilharmonie • Hamburg • 110 meter
Tate Modern Switch House • London • 65 meter
M6B2 Tower of Biodiversity • Paris • 50 meter
Cinnamon Tower • Hamburg • 56 meter
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