Best Latin American Skyscrapers of 2016, And One Winner!

Best Latin American Skyscrapers of 2016, And One Winner!

To find out which skyscraper was the best new one in Latin America in 2016, we asked our all of our Latino members to come up with eight ones which the like best, to have all of our members take a vote on which one was best of all. Both Mexico City and Sao Paulo had two horses in the race, so these were lined up to find out which one was the local champ, being WTorre Morumbi in Sao Paulo and Torre Reforma in Mexico City. The latter went on to take the overall Latino trophy after taking out the BBVA in Buenos Aires. Felicitaciones a todos!

Torre Reforma. source: Dan at Flickr

Below is the first round voting bracket, voting results for the whole tournament can be found here.

WTorre Morumbi • Sao Paulo • 140 meter
Sao Paulo Corporate Towers • Sao Paulo • 139 meter
Vista Guanabará • Rio de Janeiro • 90 meters
BBVA • Buenos Aires • 155 meter
Torre Reforma • Mexico City • 244 meter » info
Torre Diana • Mexico City • 158 meter
Torre Genesis • Santiago
Banco de la Nacion • Lima • 140 meter
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