Best New Skyscrapers of Europe in 2015

Best New Skyscrapers of Europe in 2015

As part of the search for the Best Skyscraper of 2015, the following selection looks at the most striking new skyscrapers of Europe. The current Elite Eight tournament already has Moscow’s 354 meter-tall OKO-tower present, and together with the ones below they define Tall Europe in 2015. The traditional skyscraper cities, such as Frankfurt, Warsaw and de La Defence area in Paris are absent. Istanbul had a couple but they didn’t make the cut and boomtown London has just one horse in the race, albeit a purple one, which is indeed quite an uncommon facade color. Intead, cities like Seville, Lyon, Turin, Basel take the stage this year. Here is the voting bracket which decides which one will represent Europe in the grand finale.

Evolution Tower • Moscow • 246 meter
BBVA Headquarters • Madrid • 93 meter
Tour Incity • Lyon • 200 meter
Torre Sevilla • Sevilla • 178 meter
Roche Turm • Basel • 178 meter
The Tower at Saffron Square • London • 134 meter
Allianz Tower • Milan • 207 meter
Torre Intesa Sanpaolo • Turin • 166 meter
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  • How do these towers interact with people on the surrounding sidewalks? I would like to see the bottom 4 meters as seen from the sidewalk, rather than just the entire mass as seen from a freeway or airplane across town.

    • ararar3

      yeah they never show you that in the renders, because it usually is an unfriendly non-place.

  • issa bankole

    would like to see the interior arrangement of Evolution Tower