Best New Skyscrapers of the Middle East in 2015

Best New Skyscrapers of the Middle East in 2015

As part of our search for the best skyscraper of 2015, this time we’re looking at the most striking and most discussed ones that have been completed in the Middle East. Naturally Dubai is a regular in these tournaments, together with the ambitious and upcoming Jeddah, Riyadh and Abu Dhabi. The latter is already represented in the supertalls tournament of 2015 through the 342-meter-tall ADNOC Headquarters. It’s nice to see Amman entering the fray with its first 150-meter/500-foot-plus building.

One thing about these Middle East skyscrapers is that proper info and images are hard to get. I don’t know about you but if I had been involved in the completion of one of these, I would make sure the thing is properly documented, presented and marketed. Of one of the participating buildings, Iris Bay, I’m not even one hundred percent sure if it has been properly completed, but it has been listed as topped-out for a few years so I guess it’s about time we threw it into the mix. A good number of these don’t even have a proper website, and only if a western architect is involved you might find some proper materials about the project.

Having said that, the eight towers below are the ones that stood out in 2015, and as always it’s up to the members of the forum to decide which one will represent the middle east for the 2015 finale. Round 1 is on it’s way, and the voting bracket can be found here.

D1 Tower • Dubai • 284 meter
Al Hekma Tower • Dubai • 282 meter
Iris Bay • Dubai • 170 meter
Addax Tower • Abu Dhabi • 282 meter
Villas in the Sky • Riyadh • 150 meter
West Tower at The HQ Business Park • Jeddah • 236 meter
Amman Rotana • Amman • 188 meter
Four Seasons • Manama • 268 meter
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