Best North American Skyscrapers of 2016

Best North American Skyscrapers of 2016

As part of our search for the best skyscraper of 2016, this time we look at North America. With 93 completed buildings of over one hundred meters to chose from, New York City appeared to have a number of strong contenders, so we decided to split this one up into a Big Apple tournament, and one for the rest of North America.

With a tournament including the very well published VIA 57 WEST, 56 Leonard Street and 10 Hudson Yards, it’s perhaps a bit of a surprise that Robert A. M. Stern’s design for 30 Park Place took the crown for New York. JMGA196’s comment is the most convincing argument in this result.

30 Park Place no doubt. Each city has an identity, no idea why everybody wants to be “different” and “innovative” when all you do is break that identity and make something completely out of place. Not saying Via 57 is ugly or anything, but simply does not belong in NYC.

Perhaps a bit ironically, Canada’s only representative is the Trump International Hotel & Tower in Vancouver. As much as Toronto has been very prolific when it comes to condo towers, adding a lot of oomph to its skyline, none really stands out enough individually to make the first cut. Of the four towers which represented North America minus NYC, Trump Vancouver came out #1 by quite the landslide and no, those elections were not rigged.

30 Park Place, New York City (left) and Trump International Hotel & Tower, Vancouver

Below is the tournament line-up. 30 Park Place and Trump Vancouver will battle it out amongst the both of them as contenders in the 2016 Cup.

30 Park Place • New York City • 282 meter
56 Leonard Street • New York City • 250 meter
10 Hudson Yards • New York City • 268 meters
VIA 57 WEST • New York City • 142 meter
URL® Harborside Tower 1 • Jersey City • 213 meter » info
Millennium Tower • Boston • 208 meter
Porsche Design Tower • Sunny Isles Beach • 195 meter
Trump Intl Hotel & Tower • Vancouver • 188 meter
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