Build Your Own Fifth Element / Blade Runner / Coruscant City

Build Your Own Fifth Element / Blade Runner / Coruscant City

I’m sure most of you remember the scenes of New York in the year 2263 in the movie The Fifth Element and if not, here’s a screen shot:


It’s one of these superdense flick cities with many, many megatall buildings and flying cars that you and I will never live to experience for real but boy would we want to.

Well, here is your chance to be close to it. Meet Nathan, a 28-year-old mathematician from Brussels who’s raising funds for a PC game called DotCity. The object of the game is the control the variables that allow for cities to eventually develop into the sky high futuropolis we just imagined. Unlike other games in this genre, DotCity will not only focus on traffic management, education, health or taxes, but very much on the drivers of technological development, demography and pressure management. The challenge will be to understand how all random variables that shape the city are connected, and how to tweak those.

In accordance with the mathematical engine that drives the game, the look and feel of the interface will be clean, stylishly abstract and predominantly white.


Nathan started a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter which is also the go-to places if you want to some more information on the project. The least you can do to help is like, retweet or share this post!

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