Drying dishes inception style

Drying dishes inception style

On one of the scenes of the Inception movie (2010), the protagonist, played by Leonardo DiCaprio shows a young protegé the power of controlled dreaming by literally bending the city of Paris. (here is the youtube video of that scene).

It was this scene that inspired Italian designer Luca Nichetto to come up with a name for a tile of a Manhattan resembling skyscraper city made out of rubber. Next to allowing you to reprise that scene at your own home, this rubber skyline can be used as a dry rack by holding up tableware, or stationery items such as letters and anything else that fits in between the skyscrapers.

Inception, as it is called, was designed for design house Seletti. Apparently they haven’t gotten around to create a Web store yet, so we’re at the mercy of local design stores which might or most likely might not carry this particular item. So far I haven’t been able to spot an actual selling point online.

promotion image for the movie Inception



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