Dilapidated landmarks, sky villa’s and really big things that get blown up

Dilapidated landmarks, sky villa’s and really big things that get blown up

Dutch Netflix just added the movie Oblivion and even though it’s a typical Tom Cruise movie, I watched it immediately and you should too if you’re remotely interested in the topics of this magazine. For the following three reasons:

1. Dilapidated landmarks
Oblivion pictures the world in the year 2077 as a deserted planet where all cities have completely vanished but a few landmarks that live on as dilapidated structures.

Torch of the Statue of Liberty, pictured way too large by the way.

Since this movie is situated in what used to be New York City I’m guessing this is the Brooklyn Bridge.

Pentagon, Washington, D.C.

Coney Island

Top the CN Tower in Toronto. Also pictured too large compared to it’s backdrop scenery.

MetLife Stadium. In the movie is has a sign that reads “Home of the 2017 World Champions”. It’s not clear if this concerns the Giants or the Jets. If the 2014-2015 season anything to go by, neither one of them seems likely to win the Superbowl in 2017.

Washington Monument and United States Capitol, Washington, D.C.

Manhattan Bridge

Spire of the Empire Ste building, the tower itself being buried in some 373 meters of dirt.

Most of the city seems to have been buried in dirt, except for one skyscraper canyon.

…which doubles as a good area to shake off chasing drones.

2. Really cool sky villa’s
The protagonist, a drone fixing mechanic played by Tom Cruise, lives in a stylish sky villa on stilts with his wife. Good luck Mr. Engineer getting your stability right. And indeed: no elevator. That’s what the heli-jet is for.




If the villa looks like anything Apple’s Jonathan Ive could have been involved in, check out this iDesk. I really want one!

The images above show villa #49. A clone of it, villa #52, is positioned on top of a mountain range which has shorter stilts.

#3 Really big things get blown up.

Here you see hydro rigs sucking up ocean water to create energy.

… and here is one after it sucked up a bomb.

Here is the Tet (enemy) Space Station…

… and here it’s on its way to oblivion.

The biggest boom of all: our moon left to pieces.

bonus: getting your skyscraper projects right.
Oblivion was released in 2013, but some of the flashbacks show New York City, as we know it, in 2017. However, while shooting the film the new One World Trade Center was still under construction knowing it would be finished in 2014. Nothing a bit of CGI cannot fix though.

Downtown New York seen from the observatory of the Empire State Building.

Downtown seen through the binoculars on the previous picture. They even threw in Two World Trade Center, which most likely won’t be completed before 2017.

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