Dutch Highlights

Dutch Highlights

Skyscraper construction is a bit slow these days in the Netherlands, but Dutch Design has come to the rescue. Product designer David Graas created ‘art deco skyscrapers hanging upside down on a light bulb’ but since that’s too much of a mouth full, he calls them ‘stalaclights‘. The name is derived from stalactites, which are ‘steadily growing in time with every drop of ground water seeping through the cave’s roof’, which refers to the increasingly growing art deco skyscrapers in New York and Chicago. Never mind at least one these particularly remind me of the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, and all of them to something that Hugh Ferris could have desinged, it’s a great idea.





The 3d printed bulbshades cost € 185.00, or € 152.89 for orders outside EU, can be ordered at Layers Design.

While there, you also might want to pick up one of Graas’ other Scrapers ‘n Lightbulb designs, called Huddle, which is a custom fit bulb shade showing the modern cityscape.


Update February 8
My order just came in. I’m now the proud owner of a new bedside lamp, and a new loo light!

note: mobile phone quality



March 28
Drawings from Hugh Ferriss


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