Endings on a High Note: Ten Tops

Endings on a High Note: Ten Tops

Of course your favorite museum in the world is the lovely Skyscraper Museum in downtown Manhattan, so naturally every time they put on a new exhibit we’re always getting a little excited. So yes, it’s that time again.

Following up on Times Square, 1984 is an exhibit called Ten Tops which surveys all buildings in the world today, completed or under construction, that are 100 stories and taller. Of these 24 towers, the exhibition focuses on ten (plus friends), zooming in on their uppermost floors to see how they were designed and constructed and what happens atop the world’s tallest buildings.

Distinctive tops that add extra height to high-rises have been characteristic of New York skyscrapers from the first tall office buildings in the 1870s. The word skyscraper, after all, evokes both aerial height and a slender silhouette. The first section of the exhibition looks back at the history and romance of some of Manhattan’s most famous and fanciful spires, including the Woolworth, Chrysler, and Empire State buildings, which have been an inspiration and touchstone for a worldwide surge of signature tops.

Ten Tops eschews rankings and focuses on the category of 100 stories and higher, highlighting ten (plus a few more) towers that represent 21st-century design and trends in skyscraper development globally. The exhibition analyzes the architectural features they share, including observation decks, luxury hotels and restaurants, distinctive crowns and night illumination, as well as the engineering and construction challenges of erecting such complex and astonishing structures.

The 24 towers of 100 stories or more that are completed or under construction are represented in the grid.


So yes, if you happen to be in the New York area, go say hello to Carol Willis and her crew and check out this top exhibition. It will run through September 2015 and comes with related programming and events. For details, please visit www.skyscraper.org.

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