Every Skyscraper Should Have a SkyPocketPark Like This One

Every Skyscraper Should Have a SkyPocketPark Like This One

Usually when I add a new term to the Skyscraper Dictionary, I want at least two occurrences of what it is I’m trying to capture to prevent creating a term for something incidental. Today I bumped into something of a skypocketpark, being the working title for a bite out of a skyscraper which space is used as a little park in the sky.


Zattere is a multiple-use tower project with offices and apartments in Quito, Equador. It prides to be within walking distance of services such as shops, schools, universities, and especially with direct access to public transport networks and cycle route. As an extra green argument, the projet comes with áreas sociales such as the skypocketpark, plus a rooftop garden. Who wouldn’t want to take a break here!



If you know of any other skypocketparks, let us know in the comments! Source: plusvalia.com

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