High Hopes for London

High Hopes for London

Plans were unveiled today for a new, ‘impossible’ skyscraper for London. Named the ‘Hourglass’, the structure will reach a thousand floors high, featuring its own departure terminals, districts and power stations. It will be by far the largest construction project attempted in human history, and features cutting-edge materials and technologies that will change the future of construction.

 “With The Hourglass, we’re making the impossible possible,” said Hector Bloom, Chief Designer for design firm, Diorama. “There aren’t many records we won’t break. Structurally speaking we’re building a mountain, turning it upside down, and balancing it on the tip of another mountain.”

The Hourglass, which has an estimated cost of $37 billion, will rise to over 12,000 feet, high enough to skydive from its summit. On a clear day penthouse apartments in the tower’s upper ‘bulb’ will command views reaching well over a hundred miles, making the structure visible from across the English Channel. The vast ground floor will be large enough to park London’s entire fleet of buses, while the air temperature outside the tower’s upper floors will drop to -8˚C.

Hope Tower - View 03 (MBrooks)

 The Hourglass is designed as a city within a city, with its own governing council, security force and infrastructure – including innovative lift and rail technologies that will shuttle residents between business, domestic and shopping districts. The Tower will also feature its own schools, hospitals, water management systems, parks, leisure facilities – and even its own farms.

 “It’s probable that many residents will commute to work within the Hourglass,” said Mr Bloom. “We are creating an almost entirely self-sustaining, energy efficient and carbon neutral city in the sky.

 “I’m delighted to say that the project is fully funded through an international group of visionary investors, with large deposits already placed on domestic and office spaces: We have corporations which intend to move employees and business operations into the tower wholesale.”

 Several locations for the tower have been proposed, with negotiations ongoing with several outlying London Boroughs. The tower aims to offer luxurious “Sky Villas” – segments of upper floors that will sit in the clouds, offering residents aircraft views in the comfort of bespoke living spaces.

Hope Tower - View 04 (MBrooks)

“This is not just about luxury living for the world’s elite business community,” said Mr Bloom. “With the Hourglass we are taking a generational leap forward in construction methodology and design, while delivering creative and sustainable property solutions for London’s rapidly expanding population – which is predicted to grow by 40% in the next thirty years. The Hourglass will be a huge job creator and an example to the world of the extraordinary feats which humanity can achieve when it is has the unity, ambition and will.

 “That’s why we have another name for the Tower at Diorama HQ – we like to call it ‘The Hope Tower’.”

More info about this project can be found at hourglasstower.org 

images by Martin Brooks

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