In The Future, Every Skyscraper Will Have Its Own Signboard

In The Future, Every Skyscraper Will Have Its Own Signboard

In today’s tech world, it’s all about rethinking, redesigning and disrupting. Now that phones, watches and even taxi’s have been reinvented, how about  a thought exercise which reimagines our cities?

London based urbanist, designer and futurist Liam Young created a series called New City which explores this question. New City shows three animated skylines as continuous stills of the near future which depict “a speculative urbanism, an exaggerated version of the present, in which we can project new cultural trends, environmental, political and economic forces”.  Each video is accompanied by complementing soundscape and narrative.

The video’s are named after their narratives: Keeping Up Appearances, Edgelands and The City by the Sea. The narratives can be found in the links.

The series may remind you a bit of some of the flickcities in the movies The Fifth Element and Blade Runner, which suggest that in the future large corporations are even more omnipresent in the cityscape than they are today, and probably providing an interesting source of income for today’s movies while at it.



New City is part of the Future Fictions exhibition which is on display until April 1, 2015 in the Z33 House for Contemporary Art in Hasselt, Belgium, which offers you to take in the images on a large screen.


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