Independence Day: Vindictive Aliens and … Flying Skyscrapers!

Independence Day: Vindictive Aliens and … Flying Skyscrapers!

Irish confetti is a slang term for bricks, stones and other objects thrown in a fight or riot. Starting June 24, we’ll also have Dubai Confetti! On that date, the new Independence Day movie premieres, following up on the 20 years old original. As that one featured many skyscrapers being blown to smithereens, and knowing that pretty much every sequel tries to outdo the previous movie in what it did best, now is a good time for some of the world’s tallest building to check their insurance policies.

The trailer of Independence Day: Resurgence, welcomes back a few cast members, such as cable-TV guy Jeff Goldblum, ‘president’ Bill Pullman and Data from Star Trek as the unworldly professor, but uh oh, no Will Smith so the baddies probably will have to make up for that. The trailer immediately shows that the miles-wide, disk-shaped space ships from the original have been replaced by beast-shaped vessels that apparently waste no time is showing their intentions.


This looks like Washington, DC being headbutted, but correct me if I’m wrong.


The hallmark of the Independence Day franchise: skyscrapers kaboom!


In this scene, Singapore gets it in the neck.


Wait, is that Burj Khalifa falling out of the London sky? I guess it’s safe to assume that the bad guy is one heck of a darts player!



I’m not sure if yet another CGI-heavy movie is worth recommending these days, but feel free to judge for yourself with the Superbowl trailer below, or visit the official website here. Bottoms up!

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