Kingdom Tower Construction Update

Kingdom Tower Construction Update

When you’re running a Web forum called SkyscraperCity, naturally the construction of a 1,000-plus-meter-tall building is one of the busiest topics, as is the case with the Kingdom Tower in Jeddah. The project update thread has close to 5,000,000 views and counting. Here are some of the latest images as posted by our members. The one posted above was posted by forum member fayzoon

And yes, any new meter in the upward direction counts.


both images posted by forum member Hamcl

image posted by forum member Checoblett

And this is what it looks like if you stitch a few of these together.

image posted by forum member Mike-

The video below is a fantastic compilation of contructio updates, showing the progress during a longer time span.

For a life update of the construction of the Kingdom Tower, please visit the webcam page.

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