Maps, but not as you know them

Maps, but not as you know them

If it looks like a map, feels like a map, and could be used like a map, then it probably is a map. Well, sort off. Partly inspired by the 18th century Japanese map-maker Ino Tadataka, map artist Sohei Nishino mixes photography and cartography through the creation of maps made out of thousands of cut-out snapshots which are meticulously pieced together to form image dense birds eye diorama that include everything from people and animals to buildings and streets. Nishino spends months in a city, exploring its many vantage points, shooting thousands of pictures in the process. As such these maps are really collages of impressions and memories in cartographical order. 

So far Nishino has created diorama maps of fifteen Japanese and international cities, such as Berlin, New Delhi, Amsterdam, Jerusalem, Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo and Bern. An exhibition is on display at the Michael Hoppen Gallery in London until January 7, 2015. 

Diorama maps of London, London in detail and Amsterdam




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