New Skyscraper: 31 London Street

New Skyscraper: 31 London Street

Another day, another skyscraper proposal. That’s pretty much the headline in the British capital these days. The latest skyscraper to join the ranks is a 224-meter tall proposal named after its address in the City Of Westminster. Architect is Renzo Piano while Irvine Seller is listed as the developer. If these names sound familiar, then you are correct. This is the same team who brought us the Shard, which is also a redevelopment of an area close to a train station.

31 London Street will have 65 floors containing 200 apartments and 14,000 square meter of office space. There will be restaurants at the 60th, 61st and 62nd floor, with a 464 square meter public roof garden which is inspired by Kew Gardens

Planning application is due to be submitted next month

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