New Supertall: 340 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn

New Supertall: 340 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn

Today’s new supertall is actually an upgrade from a project that started as a 50-storey project in June 2014 and now has been presented as a 90-storey tower reaching 1,000 feet. JDS Development again teamed up with SHoP Architects on this one and when they are involved you know there is a good chance it’s going to be slim and tall. Also, JDS had posted a 1000-feet view video on Instagrag some six weeks ago, so something was bound to be up.

340 Flatbrush Ave (here on the maps) will contain some 550 apartments along with some 140,000 square feet of commercial space. A rough estimate on the completion date is set for early 2019.

Interestingly we have a One on One tournament about SHoP designs in progress this week, just in time to squeezed this one in.

source: New York Nimby | more: forum thread

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  • Charley Young

    Signals the end of Brooklyn nicely!