Nothing Planned Yet for Oct 10? How About the Skyscraper Movie Program of the AFFR

Nothing Planned Yet for Oct 10? How About the Skyscraper Movie Program of the AFFR

This October 8 through 11, the Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam will have it’s 3rd edition and naturally skyscrapers are part of the program. Four skyscraper related movies and documentaries will be on display on Saturday the 10th. And yes, there is a Hotel New York nearby for those skyscraperists who want to stay in style.

Ila Bêka & Louise Lemoine are the makers of Koolhaas Houselife, and have since made an impressive series of architecture documentaries. Barbicania documents a month of living and working on the Barbican Estate, the famous brutalist complex in London. How do people live in a built utopia? The stories of residents and other occupants offer a kaleidoscopic impression of this multipurpose complex in the heart of London and guide the viewer through the complex. A fantastic example of ‘peeking at the neighbours’. Short: Barbican, Urban Poetry Joe Gilbert, UK 2015, 6 min. English Modest black-and-white film images of the Barbican complex with a voice-over by residents who tell the history of the complex.

Concrete Stories
The concrete panel is both a capitalist invention and a symbol of the Soviet Union, and thus links the people of Eastern and Western Europe. This film tells the history of concrete construction and the stories of people who live in high-rise social housing in France, Germany and the Czech Republic. A noteworthy feature is the use of wonderful and valuable archival films, which are complemented by intimate interviews with residents. A fine ‘peeking at the neighbours’ film, varied and full of surprises throughout.

Last Exit Alexanderplatz
In 1993 a design competition was organized for Alexanderplatz in Berlin. It was won by Hans Kollhoff with a proposal for a small Manhattan, after which the debate erupted. The master plan has been consigned to the shelf for over twenty years. This film looks back at the process through archival images and through interviews with politicians such as Hans Stimmann and Volker Hassemer, and architects and planners such as Daniel Libeskind and Hans Kollhoff. The film spotlights the difficulties and potential of architecture and city planning in phases of transition.

The Latin Skyscraper
If you think that architecture documentaries aren’t exciting, then be sure not to miss this glorious speculative historiography. The film follows the research of the filmmaker who investigates the history of the Palacio Barolo in Buenos Aires. It explores the urban myth that the design of this building, by the equally enigmatic Italian architect Mario Palanti, represents Dante’s Divine Comedy. Like a consummate Dan Brown, he follows the ‘Dante Code’ not only in historical traces, Dante himself and the building, but also in freemasonry and fascism. 

More info on these and about the program, please check out the AFFR Web-site.

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