75,000 skyscraperists on Flipboard

75,000 skyscraperists on Flipboard

The SkyscraperCity Flipboard magazine just hit over 75,000 readers. Hurray! 

Flipboard is an application that allows you to pool articles from blogs, newspapers and other online sources and present these in a magazine style format. I like it because it’s very easy to create and maintain theme based magazines and even easier to flip the pages and stay up to date with what’s happening in your fields of interest. Usually I run through a good number of Web sites two or three times each day, and keep a good eye on the Google news feed.

There are a few features that I think would make Flipboard even better. One thing that would be absolutely great is the ability to add tags to news items. We now have 3,250+ news items in our magazine, but finding some news item that I know is in there is practically impossible. Being able to show news items through tags, in our case: city names, theme’s, project names, would be great. Next to a news feed it would become an archive.

Any data on how many times the articles have been clicked would really help to create an understanding for me what kind of articles are popular in our magazine. Also, more data on the readers would be interesting. Are these people who actually signed up for my magazine, are they still reading it?

As much as I love the flipping on a tablet and the phone, a quick and fast overview of the thumbnails and the headers, just like the tile-format in which images are presented in Pinterest, would be a very efficient way to check (and find!) the news items in desktop mode.

Having said that, we’ll just happily keep on flipping all skyscraper news and everything related. On to 100,000!

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