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Over here!

Can you see what’s wrong with the picture above? At first glance not much, seeing it’s Midtown Manhattan in the backdrop of a detail of the 8 Spruce Street skyscraper in Downtown.

On second notice you might see a guy in the window facing the city with his back. Just let me repeat that: facing the city with his back. Serious, who would spend millions of dollars on a downtown skypad designed by a starchitect and not be looking out of the window all the time. Since this is an impression someone designer put him there and I can only guess why this guys was given an aloof attitude towards selling argument number one.

Whenever Marina City’s in house real estate agent Brian Muir does a presentation about his favorite skyscrapers he always includes an old sales image of a couple enjoying breakfast on their spacious balcony facing the window instead of the Chicago skyline. Obviously the photographer wanted that view for his lense, which needed the include the faces of the couple but it still looks quite silly nonetheless.

An equally enthusiastic Marina City resident Steve Dahlman runs a fantastic Web site on the Corn Cob buildings, which image database contains two similar images. Here we see a lady whose lounge chair is aimed properly, but her body seems to shy away from it all.


This one is even more ridiculous. Apparently the interior designer has never heard of something called the lounge view.


Sellers beware!

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    majority of people do that because they get used to the view.