Project Highrise: Simulation Game for Skyscraper Managers

Project Highrise: Simulation Game for Skyscraper Managers

Even skyscraper fans might not be aware that is there is a magazine aimed at professional skyscraper management, and it’s called High Rise Facilities. The reason for their relative obscureness is that these people do all the invisible work that we always take for granted: making sure the water runs and the hallways are clean.

For those interested in the behind the scenes of running a skyscraper, game publisher SomaSim is currently working on a skyscraper management simulation game called Project Highrise. Being responsible for the whole ecosystem of the skyscraper, your duties expand far beyond the scope of SimTower: Tenants will expect everything to just work, and to have all of their needs met under one roof. It’s your job to keep this machine running smoothly and efficiently. Keep your ear to the ground, but your eye to the future.


You start off with two workers living in the basement while you work your way up as you go. As SimTower was focussing on making sure the elevators were up to capacity, you’ll be taking on the whole enchilada in this one, ensuring everyone is happy and remains so. Are your office workers pleased with the food choices? Do your condo residents enjoy the new grocery store? Are the fountains in the atrium clean and are the escalators in good repair? Does the law firm on 42 think the rent is too high or the carpets too dirty?This involves lots of micromanagement, including offering shipping services for the offices and keeping an eye on water cooler refills. The management tools include a ‘grime meter’ which measures the overall happiness of the tenants

project_highrise_04If you’re not familiar with terms such as HVAC and MEP, now is a good time to brush up on your building management vocabulary.

The object of the game is to end up with a thriving skyscraper. Judging by some of the released screenshots, Project Highrise has a well polished ‘Mad Men’-look.


The game is to be released as a PC game within months. More about Project Highrise can be found at SomaSim’s website, or go straight to the project’s page.

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