skycitymag becomes

skycitymag becomes

As this blog is still a work in progress requiring regular tweaking, I decided to change the name from SkyCityMag to SkyHigh.City. Accordingly, the url has changed from to Yep, that’s a .city domain name indeed.

.city as a top level domain extensions became available in 2014, when a whole slew of new top level names got created. One of the reasons for that was to allow for a more focussed address, but mainly because pretty much every .com address has been taken. Surprisingly, a lot of .city names have already been registered, such as every city name and many other names and words (unfortunately including, but with some creativity a decent, relevant name can be registered.

Since I never really liked the ‘mag’ part of skycitymag I figured sounds a bit more fun, and sounds a bit easier for communication, especially verbal. Other than that, we’re still the SkyscraperCity magazine!

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