Skyliners: The Board Game Betting on Views

Skyliners: The Board Game Betting on Views

One of the best reason to live in a skyscraper is the view, so for those living in skyscrapers are usually keeping a watchful eye on new towers. This is the fundamental concept of a new board game called Skyliners. The object is to erect towers collectively by piling floors on top of each other in order to obtain the best views possible, while at the same time ruining the views of the towers of the other guy I guess. Either way, the player who has the best view onto more buildings as anyone else, wins the game. Players can also place bets on which towers will be towering over the other ones.

The box comes with a playing grid (being the box itself), 76 floors, 40 antennas, 8 roofs and 5 Parks. Apparently there is one planning office involved to help you deal with orders and architectural requests.

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