Skyscraper Fans: BIG Is Not The New Norm

Skyscraper Fans: BIG Is Not The New Norm

Over at SkyscraperCity we have a daily polling feature where members can pick the one or the other. It’s called the One on One, and the two designs for the Two World Trade Center by BIG and Foster and Partners are off course an ideal matchup. So we did. Turns out that most members don’t really dig the new design by the Bjarke Ingels Group, or better put, prefer the Norman Foster one by quite the landslide (85% as of writing this)

I can imagine this is not the kind of commission that allows for a lot of creative freedom. Especially the use of hard glass for the facade must have been extremely mandatory. The idea of designing a skyscraper in the corner of a distinct area with a diamond shape top has already been done at Chicago’s Crain Communications Building, while skyscrapers that resemble stacked elements is more of a trend than an invention.

But the election of One World Trade Center as the best new skyscraper of 2014 already shows that the glory is all about the story, and that Bjarke vs. Norman is just one of these battle of the biggies that makes any design process interesting.

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