Skyscraper Fans: Trump Chicago is Best Trump

Skyscraper Fans: Trump Chicago is Best Trump

Before Donald Trump was known as ‘That Presidential Candidate No One Wants But Has A Shot At The Title Anyway” he was known as a real estate developer, and quite the high-minded one. He’s the most prolific person in the skyscraper dictionary with mentions in the definition of the ghost floor, the skycheater and off course the myscraper.

Since there are a good number of skyscrapers with his name on it, we set up a tournament of Trump Towers to find out which one is liked best. This includes towers which only use the Trump brand to establish themselves, and which some already regret having done so. Currently there are 30-some towers which bear the name ‘Trump’ in the title. The tallest ‘Trump’ that is under construction as the moment is the Trump Tower At Century City in Makati (Manila). Another Trump Tower under construction can be found in Vancouver.

This tournament was set up in 2013, which was before Trump’s run at the White House, and before he gave rise to the term ‘airbragging’, which meaning sticking your name to a skyscraper in a big way.

Trump Chicago, or Trump International Hotel & Tower as it is called in full, came out as winner, beating ‘The Trump Building’ in New York, which is of course the former 40 Wall Street Building that now bears his name. Full tournament here.

top image credit: Nagarajan Kanna at Flickr

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