SkyscraperCity now recommended by federal governments

SkyscraperCity now recommended by federal governments

One of the fun things about SkyscraperCity is its international audience. You’ll find people from New Zealand to Alaska sharing their enthusiasm for skyscrapers and everything else related to cities and urban development.

When we started out it was pretty much a European, North American and Australian affair, but the last decade has seen a good influx from great people everywhere else.

A good example of this is what we like to consider as an official recommendation of the Minister of Public Works and Reconstruction Eng. Nadifa Mohamed Osman. Or in her own words: Somalia forum is a great website for all enthusiasts of architecture and in particular gives a view of the progress Somalia is making every day. Go on participate

Based on the banner image, the photo was taken on January 5. Nadifa Mohamed Osman is not alone in taking an interest in our topics and the ideas and opinions of members. Some time ago the President of Indonesia himself, mr. Joko Widodo, made a surprize appearance during one of the meetings of members of the Indonesian section of the forums, on the back of being a regular visitor of the site.

mr. Joko Widodo dressed in white amongst members. image credit: SkyscraperCity Indonesia

Great to know we have down-to-earth friends in high places sharing their enthusiasm.

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