Skyscrapers are Fun (According to Art)

Skyscrapers are Fun (According to Art)

Tom Pret is a Dutch artist whose work is characterised by bold usage of colors, fantastical figures and sometimes buildings. Also, the name ‘Tom Pret’ translates into ‘Thomas Fun’ which might explain the enthusiasm, spontaneity and positivity of his work. Recently he posted his new painting online titled Wildlife in the city of Rotterdam which pretty much sums up all this. More of Tom here.

Skyscrapers and skylines being part of the repertoire of local artists and thus of local culture is always a good thing. Take Peter Hofland for example. Peter lives on an island in the river that’s the bloodvein of Rotterdam, so unsurprisingly, his views are a good source of inspiration. Like Tom Pret’s work, Peter’s painting are very straightforward and colorful, which is something I always like to trace back to our tulip fields.

Summer in Rotterdam, by: Peter Hofland

Rotterdam – Istanbul, by; Peter Hofland

The next one I bought for myself in 2000 as at the time I didn’t live in a home with a view, so I figured this would be a good second best. The title, ‘Rotterdam Gezellig’ translates into ‘Cozy Rotterdam’ and I thought the combination of ‘skyscrapers’ and coziness was just brilliant.

Rotterdam Gezellig , by: Peter Hofland

IkRotterdam (MeRotterdam) is a collective of three local artists who regularly blog their impressions of the city. Instead of writing about it or taking a picture every time they notice something interesting, they make a sketch of it. The results are quite neat, also because having a ‘pleasant sense of urban place’ is a recurrent theme. See the drawing above (living like a gid in Crooswijk), and here:

Erasmus MC (Seizoen3 – Episode4: “Antonius – Finale”), by: Ferry van Steijn

Pier, by: Ferry van Steijn

Jackie Chan forever, by: Ferry van Steijn

So yes, if your local artists have something urban to say, support them!

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