Skyscrapers by the City: Cyberjaya City Centre

Skyscrapers by the City: Cyberjaya City Centre

Today’s New Project is large-scale development in the Cyberjaya district of Putrajaya, a planned city, 25 km south of Kuala Lumpur. The plans, for which the contracts were inked this week, involve the first phase of Cyberjaya City Centre development on a 53 acre land located here. It’s the kind of development in which a skycatcher feels comfortable.

When I say these developments looks very Asian the joke is off course on me, but apparently the staggering numbers, a development period of 7 years, the integrated, community-focussed design and the high-tech strategies involved is something that I don’t see very often announced in my local newspaper. The presentation comes with a video introduction which breathes optimism and happiness.

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