Skyscrapers that make you 3-Dizzy

Skyscrapers that make you 3-Dizzy

The idea of creating 3D imaging, or stereoscopy by having two offset images separately to the left and right eye is almost as old as photography itself. Below is a stereoscopic card of the Jane Building in Philadelphia, most likely from the 1870’s. When you stick these images in a stereoscope, which is a pair of glasses with a card holder some ten centimeters in front of the glasses, you see the image in 3-D.


If you’re somewhat interested in the topic you must have heard about the Oculus VR, which is the same thing, but then produced in the computer age. For now you can only buy it as a development kit, but if you cannot wait for these to come out, or don’t want to spend $350 on the kit, you might want to try Google’s Cardboard version which sets you back only $25. The cool thing is, it actually works!

Being a Google product there are a good number of Cardboard apps around for Android, and a modest selection for iOS, but the quintessential showcase app to show it’s effect is available for both: Dive City Coaster. To enhance the effect of being shaken and looped around in 3-D, skyscrapers have been designed in the backdrop, including the Burj Khalifa, which is off course when it gets interesting for us.


Dive City Coaster is available on Android and iOS. Being expressions of the third dimension, my guess is that skyscrapers have a big part to play in this upcoming phenomena.


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