So … which one exactly is the best new skyscraper?

So … which one exactly is the best new skyscraper?

In this day and age, pretty much every self-respecting organization hands out awards. These are of course meant to celebrate all that’s good in this world, while at the same time establishes the status of the organizing body. In an age in which most news websites and blogs operate with “all the time is deadline time” in mind, many are happy to pass on any good looking bit of free content, awards are a great way to create some free publicity. The skyscraper world has three of these, which were all recently announced.

First, there is the Emporis Skyscraper Award, which is handed out by a German data mining company with a focus on buildings. Once a year they ask their editors to pick a recently completed skyscraper that they especially like. Or perhaps I am making this up, as I fail to find information on the selection process, the criteria, or the jury. There is also no prize money. This year they gave it to the Shanghai Tower.

Also based in Germany is the International Highrise Award. Established in 2003 by the City of Frankfurt, the German Architecture Museum and DekaBank, it hands out an award which comes with an exhibition, a book, a jury of professionals and a nice check of 50,000 euro, and it’s doing so every other year. Their favorite for this period was New York’s VIA 57.

Finally there is the Best Tall Building Overall Award of the CTBUH. It is one of many awards that are being presented during an annual awards dinner, involving many applause moments, organized at Mies van der Rohe’s Crowne Hall in Chicago. For this one, candidates are asked to submit their projects, and out of those who do so, four regional winners are selected, with one best overall. This award is selected by a professional jury, but offers no prize money. Like Emporis, they also picked the Shanghai Tower.

So now that we have two ‘best new skyscrapers’ we need to decide which one is the very best of all, and what better person to ask than you, the urban enthusiasts. We did so in a recent one on one poll and a clear response it is: Shanghai Tower wins them all, earning it the bragging right that come with it.

That is, until we’ll do our own annual “Best Skyscraper of 2016” tournament early 2017 at the SkyscraperCity forums, where all new buildings are candidates, and the award comes with the love of the skyscraper fans from all over the world. See, we already picked the Shanghai Tower as the best skyscraper of 2015, and are looking forward to find out which one will take that crown in a couple of months from now. Place your bets!

shanghai_towerShanghai Tower celebrating. source: dove lee at Flickr

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