Stacking Cityscapes

Stacking Cityscapes

Some of the best views are the ones in which the city presents itself as layers of different cityscapes, each representing a part of the city or tell a different story. This view has been introduced in the skyscraper dictionary as a dioramascape, and has been defined as a full and deep view of city and skyline.

Today’s creative project appeals to this idea. For her project called Positively negative, Magdalene Lam, a Hong Kong-based student of graphic design, took photos of Hong Kong which were edited using monotone colours.


These images were cut out by the outline of shaped and stacked on top of each other to produce a new composition of the city. By using different colors, and by filling space with other images, the negative image is now a positive one, hence the title of the project.


More: Positively negative at Bēhance.

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