Super Skyscrapers, Roller Coaster Race Tracks and No Gravity

Super Skyscrapers, Roller Coaster Race Tracks and No Gravity

A few weeks back we already introduced an app that had both skyscrapers and roller coasters, but now there is app that features both and lets you do the driving. “In 2260, the invention of anti-gravity drive creates a new motorsport.” That is the opening line of the AG Drive game by ZORG Entertainment. Don’t be fooled by its rather bland name, if you happen to be someone who enjoys driving a roller coaster style race track in the midsts of a futuristic skyline with not too much to worry about besides steering and stepping on it, this game is for you.

AG Drive was produced by Finnish duo Petsku Zorg and Timo Saarinen who started working on it in 2012. They say the game engine renders over 15 million polygons every second at a solid 60fps, and I can testify that still looks polished and shiny on an iPhone 4S with iOS 7 and on an iPad 4 with the same iOS.

AG Drive is available in the App Store. The Android version is being worked on. For those who do not want to spend $3.99 (no in-app purchases, some suble ads in the game) can go to Youtube. Or check out one of these screen shots.

Before the enter the race you are being shown around a bit. It’s nice to leave these shots on for a while as you get to see spectacular shots of the city.




Press go and it geht’s los!







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