London’s Growing Up

London’s Growing Up

As part of an exhibition on new tall building development in London, an organization called New London Architecture did a head count of the number of tall buildings either under construction, development or in planning. If there ever was a number that caused a stir in the world of London architecture and politics, it’s 236.

The exhibition ran from April 3 until June 12, 2014, but fortunately there is a two-volume exhibition catalogue which well documents the framework of skyscraper development in London, discusses previous waves of skyscraper development, presents statistical research, and off course elaborates on what’s happening today, and where. Next to the insight study, it comes with a complete project showcase of these 236 projects, which I know from experience takes quite to effort to compile so hats off to that.

Hard copies may be difficult to find, but the good folks of the NLA made the full insight study and project showcase available for free download! Go here and scroll down a bit to do so.

London’s Growing Up

curator   Peter Murray
year  2014
pages  122 & 48
publisher  NLA
availability  free download


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