The Closest Some of You Will Come to Having Experienced the Twin Towers

The Closest Some of You Will Come to Having Experienced the Twin Towers

Six months ago we pointed out a full documentary on youtube about the stunt pulled by French high-wire artist Philippe Petit, who with some help from his buddies spanned a wire between the two towers of the World Trade Center in New York and walked over it several times, very much unauthorized. That video has been removed, but the good news is that the guy who gave us the Back to the Future trilogy is now wrapping up a motion picture about the whole thing.

This movie is simply called The Walk. Having read the book and seen the documentary, I’m guessing it’s going to be a dramatized version of it, but with Joseph Gordon-Levitt taking on the role of Petit and somehow involving Ben Kingsley I’d say they have their casting in order. Here are some stills from the trailer, click to expand:





The IMAX 3D format appears to have been invented for this kind of story. It will give us the opportunity to once again experience the Twin Tower in all of their glory. For us skyscraper buffs, the best bit will be to see if they producers have their 1974 New York skyline in order, just like the King Kong movie did a pretty good job depicting Manhattan of 1933.


The Walk will be released first week of October, hopefully in a cinema near you.


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