This Week’s Skyscraper Goodies

This Week’s Skyscraper Goodies

Welcome to our regular overview of stuff we bumped into that is somehow or somewhat related to skyscrapers or skylines, and that you can actually buy. First up: coffee!

Landmark Coffee Makers
Dutch Lab is a coffee tool brand aimed at reshaping the coffee making machines, and where there is design, there usually is architecture. Naturally you already guessed on what global icons the architectural coffee machines below were based on. The 1 liter version set you back a bit over us$500.


City Bangles
Aussie McKean Studio recently released their City Bangles series, which are bracelets inspired by a city featuring a skyline of icons. They are oz$66 a piece, with some sets already sold out. They come in one size, but different colours.


While on McKean Studio’s Web site, you also might want to check out their Mini City series, or souvenir scarves.



Table Sculpture
Found on Ebay: a 94 cm tall Shlomi Haziza Signed Jeweltone Skyscraper Acrylic Lucite Table Sculpture. Still not sure what it is, but for a mere US$ 1,200 (excluding $150 for shipping) this thing is all yours!


Light Up Skyline Greeting Card
Good news for all cheapskates, the following goodie is for free! That is, if you do not include costs of material, because you have to make it yourself. Here is a howto of a greeting card that shows a lit skyline when you open it.


Nightscape LED lamps
Next up, a crowdsourcing goodie. Designed by Masaki Murata’s, this set of LED-bottomed glasses resemble a small-scale representation of a city skyline. If you really want these you might want to hurry up as the Nightscape project only has days left to materialize.


Eraser City
To conclude this week’s overview is a set of 3 erasers, which arte obviously modeled after the Empire State Building, Chrysler Building and the City Corp Center. They probably thew in the latter because that’s the one you’ll use while saving the other two. You can find these in many art museum or or architecture institutions, such as the shop of the Chicago Architecture Foundation.


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