Today’s Most Creative, Exciting and Dynamic Skyscraper Ideas

Today’s Most Creative, Exciting and Dynamic Skyscraper Ideas

Since 2006, architecture and design journal eVolo has organized a skyscraper design competition focused on technological advances, sustainability, and innovative design for the 21st Century. Every year, hundreds of architects and designers from around the world submit their proposals, which not only present the many creative ideas out there, but also manifest the topics which we all think are important in today’s society. Most designs appeal to the classic promise of the skyscraper, which is helping to solve problems. But if you’re mainly interested in spectacular looking images, you’ll also enjoy this competition very much.

In 2015, the Jury, formed by leaders of the architecture and design fields selected 3 winners and 15 honorable mentions. eVolo Magazine received 480 projects from all continents. The winners were selected for their creativity, ingenuity, and understanding of dynamic and adaptive vertical communities.

The first place was awarded to Ewa Odyjas, Agnieszka Morga, Konrad Basan, and Jakub Pudo from Poland for their project Essence Skyscraper. The proposal is an urban mega-structure that contains diverse natural habitats. The skyscraper would serve as a place to briefly escape urban life and stimulate diverse and complex experiences.



The recipients of the second place are Suraksha Bhatla and Sharan Sundar from India for their Shanty-Scaper. The project seeks to provide housing, work and recreational spaces to the inhabitants of Chennai city’s slum in India. The skyscraper is designed to reutilize the city’s post-construction debris including pipes, corrugated metal sheets, timber, etc.


The third place was awarded to Egor Orlov from Russia for the project Cybertopia which reimagines the city of the future as the combination of digital and physical worlds – a city that grows and morphs instantly according to our needs.


More, much more will be presented later on, but for for now we’d like to congratulate the winners, and eVolo on yet another successful competition!

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