Urban Update App Urbie: Teaser Web-Site

Urban Update App Urbie: Teaser Web-Site

urbieAs announced on the skyscrapercity forums, one of our new projects we’re working on at the moment is a mobile tool to share and follow the development of your favorite cities. It’s called Urbie and it’s off course a reference to the term if only cities could take selfies and update their own profiles. But that’s where you come in, the urban enthusiast with a keen interest in what’s going on in your city.

What Urbie tries to do different though are the curated tags. Naturally all cities are in the tag database, but we’ll also have dedicated tags on buildings and spots in the cities, and many urban topics. Users can suggest new tags, which will be scanned and get info added to them. By doing so we hope to ensure people can create a high quality set of topics to update and follow.

One of the challenges of developing an app is to stay focussed. During the production process, many many new ideas pop up and it’s very tempting to integrate those in version 1.0. For now, the app focuses on sharing and following photo’s comparable to the way instagram does.

urbie_01screenshots from the work in progress

At this moment we’re ironing out the last bugs in the iOS version of the app, which should be available in the App Store within a few weeks. The Android version is next. In the mean time, the accompaying site at www.urbie.city shows a little teaser just to help spreading the buzz. If you want stay tuned, please follow Urbie on Facebook and Twitter!

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