Vertical Cities Expo: the Tallest, the Dreamed and the Unimaginable!

Vertical Cities Expo: the Tallest, the Dreamed and the Unimaginable!

If you happen to be in Rotterdam this month (and if not, why not!) you definitely want to check out the local library. Not only because it is appropriately located on High Street, but because it premieres an exhibition which brings together the tallest, most famous and spectacular skyscrapers, built and unbuilt, on a scale from 1:1000. Besides all the skyscrapers you know, this expo includes proposed towers such as Tatlin’s Tower, Frank Lloyd Wright’s mile high ‘The Illinois‘ and futuristic mega constructions such as Pyramid City and Buckminster Fuller’s Cloud Nine.


As this allows you to compare them to the ones you know, visitors become aware of, and be amazed by the relative height and size of all buildings. Just like the skyscraper can have different meanings to as many different people, everyone can shape their own impression of this ‘skyline of the world’. Would you want to live in a vertical city? What would be the views from up there? Am I in heaven now? The more you look, the more you will discover. Go see for yourself!


Below is a video (in Dutch) which the creator of the expo Harry Hoek introduces the expo:

The Rotterdam Central Library can be found at Hoogstraat 110 and is open every day of the week. (more)

photo’s: Stijn Brakkee | expo info:

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