Welcome to the First Skyscraper Olympics!

Welcome to the First Skyscraper Olympics!

Okay, so LGBT athletes have their own version of the Olympics, so do mud lovers and daredevils. Scranton, Pennsylvania had an Office Olympics. So why not have an Olympic Games for typical urban sports and games that will never make the official Olympics, but are great fun anyway. Welcome to the Skyscraper Olympics!

Many sports fit in well in an urban setting, often when played on a compact pitch or a temporary location in the city, such as basketball or soccer, and all of these can be part of the program. But there are also a few sports and activities which were designed around the city. Here are the categories in which international urbanites, can compete for the gold, silver and bronze. Not all of these take part inside, on top of, or on skyscraper but require an urban setting anyway so we’re keeping the event name.

Skyscraper Running
Perhaps better known as tower running, running up skyscrapers already is an established activity organized in many of the word’s tallest buildings. Exhausting as hell for sure, but if you are searching for a sense of accomplishment, this is it.

stair_runningsource: towerrunning.com

Skyscraper Speed Climbing
The exterior of a skyscraper is another way to go up. Guys like Dan Goodwin and Alain Robert pretty much made a profession out of that, but off course for the games we’re talking about a more controlled way of speed climbing. All we need for that is to add a climbing wall to exising tall building, like the White Peak Hotel in Reno, Nevada, and up we go.


Rooftop Parkour
We all know parkour as running, climbing, swinging, vaulting, jumping and rolling around urban obstacles. Not speed, but best spectacle wins.

parkoursource: THOR at Flickr

Skyline Skateboarding
Probably the world’s most popular urban terrain sport, often featuring curbs, benches, and ledges, naturally skateboarding is part of the program.

skateboardingsource: Chris Pizzitola at Flickr

The urbanathlon obstactle run through the streets of the city. The name sounds like something I made up but it actually exists as an event, involving many objects to tacle. My favorite one has to be the option to crawl over the roof or Luke Duke your way across the hood of a taxi.

urbanathlonsource: Nicki Dugan Pogue at Flickr

Urban Golf
Just one very long hole thoughout downtown, and naturally a tee-off on top of a skyscraper. Fore!

urban_golfsource: Nifer Kilakila at Flickr

The urbanman is the main event of the Skyscraper Olympics. It’s an urban triathlon of running, swimming and cycling.


Now all we need is an urban minded hosting city that dares to take on this event so the games can begin!

top image credit: brett jordan at Flickr

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