What If that Ideal Renaissance City Was Real?

What If that Ideal Renaissance City Was Real?

A couple of months ago we introduced a good number of High-Alikes, being copycat skyscrapers built according to the wisdom that imitation is an early stage of creative development. But even in finding your inspiration elsewhere, one can be creative. Instead of mimicking existing buildings, why not built something that has only existed on paper or canvas?

This brings us to the topic of the day.  One of the more famous images of a fictional city are impressions of an ideal city (seen in detail above and in full below) attributed to Luciano Laurana or Melozzo da Forlì. Painted around 1470 in Early Renaissance style, these cityscapes were based on classical theories of perspective and proportions and as such represents a mathematical beauty.


Apparently, part of being ideal is the absence of people, which makes you wonder what it would look like had Dubai built this city for real. London based painter Carl Laubin answers that question. Trained as an architect, much of his work is a reflection of the built environment, with a strong focus on traditional and classical architecture and urbanism.  A series called Verismo imagines that this Ideal City has been built and shows what it would look like in today’s world. And that looks like this:



More can be found here. Whether that would still be ideal city, or just a decor for tourists is in the eye of the beholder, but it sure would be interesting to actually walk around in a 500 plus-year-old cityscape. Which reminds me to keep an eye on that Oculus Rift

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