Windows on the World

Windows on the World

You might not have heard of a YotaPhone but perhaps you have read about the concept of it, being a smart phone with two screens, one color and one monochrome. The idea is that stuff that doesn’t really require a color screen, such as messaging or reading, can be done on a much more energy efficient screen, saving you battery time on the go.

If you thought the concept was clever, the real smart thing was to commission a designer to create accompanying wallpapers picturing the world famous skylines for the YotaPhone 2. You may have seen the work of French illustrator Romain Trystram for the Web log, and if so you’ll recognize the buildings and skylines shaped by neon lights and shading. Having said that, the rest of Trystram’s site is worth checking out as well as apparently we all missed the calendar series he did for Virgin Atlantic. For these series, check out Dubai (above), London, Berlin and Moscow.




…and this is how it looks on a YotaPhone. I might actually get one!


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