World Series of Skylines : Ballparks with Views

World Series of Skylines : Ballparks with Views

Major League Baseball has a rule (1.04 – The Playing Field) stating that it is desirable that the line from home base through the pitchers plate to second base shall run East-Northeast. Not too many ballparks comply to that suggestion though because of prevailing wind directions or issues such as the location of the owner’s boxes.

But there is another great reason not to. Since it is a suggestion and not a rule, this allows the teams to position the end field near the city skyline, which sometimes offers great views on the city as this is where the lower stands often are. Perfect when the game is boring one might suggest. Now that we have reached the World Series, let’s have a look at those ballparks that offer great views of the skyline.

PNC Park, Pittsburgh Pirates
ballpark_pittphoto: Dan Gaken at Flickr

Citizens Bank Park, Philadelphia Phillies
ballpark_philphoto: The West End at Flickr

Comerica Park, Detroit Tigers
ballpark_tigersphoto: Mike Boening at Flickr

Busch Stadium, St. Louis Cardinals
ballpark_louisphoto: Alex Lewis at Flickr

Safeco Field, Seattle Mariners
ballpark_safecophoto: Chase N. at Flickr

Petco Park, San Diego Padres
ballpark_petcophoto: Alan Cordova at Flickr

Target Field, Minnesota Twins
ballpark_targetphoto: Aaron Carlson at Flickr

Progressive Field, Cleveland Indians
ballpark_progressivephoto: Erik Drost at Flickr

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