World’s Awesomest Pikettypad: 432 Park Avenue

World’s Awesomest Pikettypad: 432 Park Avenue

Much has been said about the slew of superslenders going up in New York City. One of the best stories has go be about a doorman complaining about the lack of tips because apparently, not too many owners actually reside in these towers. They’re the kind of skyscrapers that are not so much about urban density, but about global exclusivity.

$25 million seems to be the entrance level here, which is obviously catered towards the 1% 0.001% of this planet. The Skyscraper Dictionary has introduced Pikktyline and Pikkyscraper in honor of the French economist Thomas Piketty who famously wrote on wealth and income inequality. Today we add one more: the Pikettypad.

Recently we organized a little tournament in which the world’s most expensive pikettypads competed for the honor of winning the 1% Cup. The line-up is based on the penthouses which made the news for being the most expensive sold or on offer. It’s anyone’s guess if the numbers listed are anywhere near what someone actually pays for it. Just slapping an absurd price tag on a penthouse just for the sake of breaking the news is all free publicity, but for sure it’s more than you and I can cough up. Pikettypads are perhaps the best example of the phrase if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it.

Anyway, it’s time to enter the world of private elevators and square meter prices in the area of $30,000 for a small toilet. Here are some of the world’s most exclusive penthouses.

The most expensive pikettypad on offer at the time this tournament was set up can be found in London’s One Hyde Park all yours for $227 million.


The price listed for the penthouse of Tour Odeon in Monaco differs from $50 to $250 million depending on who you ask. However, the image of some billionaire sliding into the pool between deals is priceless.


If you’re more into something classic, the triplex co-op in the top of The Pierre in New York City might be just what you are looking for. The hotel- and condominium skyscraper was built in 1930 to the costs of $12 million, but the penthouse was put on the market again for as high as $125 million.


The 1000 Museum project in Miami represents the impressive development of Miami as a condo city combined with starchitect power. And yes, it comes with an awesome penthouse.


Of the many new New York superslenders, 56 Leonard really drops the big names with Herzog & de Meuron as architects and sculptor Anish Kapoor for specially commissioned work. Redefining taking to new heights, if you buy this one, you never have to worry if that Christmas tree will fit.


Clermont Residence is Singapore’s home of the high society. Being the city’s tallest building, owning the penthouse buys you the title of King of the Lion City.


Like New York, Hong Kong is a city of the extremest extremes and Opus is here to show for it. Situated on the slope of a hill it comes with space and wide open views, which are about as rare in the fragrant harbor as hen’s teeth.


As much as establishing the most expensive pikettypad is hard to do, determining the most popular one just takes a poll amongst the skyscraper fans. The honor goes to the penthouse of New York’s 432 Park Avenue. Word has it the penthouse sets you back around $95 million, but honestly I think that tub with a view alone is worth is. Can’t get closer to heaven than this.


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