Yes London you are indeed a Skyscraper City

Yes London you are indeed a Skyscraper City

You know skyscrapers are part of a local culture when they become a topic or an inspiration of art and design. London is one of those cities. While some are still arguing whether the city is, or should become, a skyscrapercity, local artist have already decided the skyscraper is here to stay.

The latest example is a graphic design series called London’s New Skyline by London based JDGC designs. It features four contemporary flat designed versions of the most well known skyscrapers in town: Cheesegrater, Shard, Gherkin and the nicknameless Heron Tower (they should have picked Walkie-Talkie for that reason I think). Two of these are shown below. All four, and their design studies, can be found here, where you can also purchase copies.



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